Reading is Critical

I have been a reader as long as I can remember. My mother likes to say that I could read before I could speak. Reading is truly a great thing. I am often reminded how amazing it is, when I visit a foreign country that have signs which aren't in English. In these moments, I feel I understand what it is like to be illiterate. Of course, this is not necessarily true. True illiteracy is something that would plague you your whole life.

I often ask people what they have been reading. I am amazed at how often they don't have an answer. What a truly amazing gift to have an not use.

Your life and mind are both changed after reading even the smallest piece of information. You can read, and instantly have a different perception of the world. After reading you know something you didn't before.

The Internet has turned most of us into more of readers than we were before. But this is changing. Sites have been changing into "picture and headline" sites. Websites like Pintrest and Facebook have turned our focus into images rather than text. I think images and line are a beautiful pieces of art also, just different than reading.

The people you respect and admire, I guarantee, are all avid readers. It is hard to make a dent in the world without being well read. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to be versed in the classics. But, you do have to have a large foundation to borrow and build from.

As you read this post your mind is already formulating responses. You are correlating and thinking of how you can expand on the topic. Thinking about how reading has changed your life. Thinking about the last book you read. Do not waste this gift. Find things to read and begin dedicating time to read them. Your life will be richer and your mind will be sharper.

So, what have you been reading?

Written: August 22, 2012

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